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Technology White Paper "On-Glass" Construction

A first for the industry; a concise study of how on-glass touch solutions differ from frame-based manufacturing, and why on-glass is the dominant, preferred solution for performance and realiability...On-Glass vs. Frame-Based Technology

Understanding Touch Technologies

Discover the differences between common touch technologies including Infra-Red, SAW, Optical, Surface Capacitive, 3M DST, Projected Capacitive and Resistive; what works best for digital signage and the reasons why... Touch Technology        

New Sharp Thin Bezel Displays

Display Werks offers seamless touch integration on the new Sharp Professional Series LCD's, featuring thin bezels, optional expansion cards and CPU...


All-in-One: A Kiosk Revolution

Large format LCD's with built-in CPU's and speakers are rapidly altering the the traditional definition of a kiosk. No longer requiring acquisition of a separte kiosk, CPU, touch display, video extenders and a variety of other components, all-in-one...


3MTM DST Technology

Unlike other solutions that recognize touch by the interruption of electrical fields, acoustic waves, optical fields, or infrared light, Dispersive Signal Technology recognizes touch by interpreting bending waves created in the overlay with a touch event.


Application Driven Touch Solutions

Display Werks partners with a broad spectrum of industry-specific software manufacturers, digital signage software systems and content providers to bring specific vertical market applications and solutions to life...